2013 NFL Draft Grade A Day | Minnesota Vikings


Round 1: 0-5
Round 2: 0-4
Round 3: 0-3
Round 4: 0-2
Round 5: 0-1
Round 6 & 7: Same system as undrafted. Points only awarded if player was productive, no scale.

Round 1 – Shariff Floyd DT, Florida
Analysis –
Floyd can only be seen as a disappointment in his rookie season. He made just 19 tackles with 2.5 sacks, and forced one fumble.  The Vikings had to be hoping for more from a guy they never thought would fall to them in the first place.
Score – 2.5/5

Round 1 – Xavier Rhodes CB, FSU
Analysis - Rhodes overcame a rough start to his season, and was playing at a high level before suffering a season ending injury.  He ended the year with just under 50 tackles, swatted down 10 passes, and forced a fumble.  He’ll head into the  2014 season as the team’s top corner.
Score – 3.5/5

Round 1 –  Cordarrelle Patterson WR, Tennessee
Analysis – It took about half the season for the team to finally start using Patterson, but boy what a weapon he turned out to be.  Aside from being a Pro Bowl, kick returner, Patterson proved to be a dynamic playmaker on offense as both a receiver and a runner.  He ended up catching 45 passes for 469 yards and 4 scores.  He also ran the ball for 158 yards and three scores.  It’s scary to think what he could have done if the team used him from day one, and what he could do with consistent quarterback play.
Score – 5/5

Round 4 Gerald Hodges LB, Penn St.
Analysis - Hodges made just 5 tackles all season long, and his future with the team is cloudy at best.
Score – 0/2

Round 5 – Jeff Locke P, UCLA
Analysis – Locke earned the Vikings’  punting job and performed well with an average of 44.2 yards and should remain the team’s  punter for the foreseeable future.
Score – 1/1

Round 6  - Jeff Baca G, UCLA
Analysis – Baca played in just four games his rookie year.
Score – 0/0

Round 7 – Mike Mauti LB, Penn St.
Analysis – Mauti had 11 tackles in 14 games, and could compete for the starting gig in 2014.
Score – 0/0

Round 7 – Travis Bond G, UNC
Analysis – Bond was released by the Vikings, and picked up by the Panthers.  He played in two games.
Score – 0/0

Round 7 – Everett Dawkins DT, FSU
Analysis – Dawkins was cut by the Vikings and picked up by the Bucs, where he went on to do nothing.
Score – 0/0


FINAL SCORE & Grade 12/18| 67%  | D
The Minnesota Vikings were very bold on Draft Day 2013, moving up to acquire a third first round choice.  Those three picks had up and down seasons.  Let’s start with the best choice, WR Cordarrelle Patterson.  For whatever reason, the Vikings were hesitant to get Patterson involved early in the season on offense.  He was used primarily as a kick returner and had some big returns and even a couple of touchowns.  At about mid season teams started kicking the ball away from him.  Once the Vikings incorporated Patterson in the offense he really took off.  He proved to be  dual threat as a receiver and a runner and is one of the more exciting young players in the game today.  CB Xavier Rhodes, like Patterson started off the season slowly.  He was often flagged for pass interference penalites and picked on by opposing QBs.  The light turned on for him just after the midway point in the season, and he was playing at a high level until suffering an injury.  Unless the Vikings sign a proven veteran, he’ll be the team’s top corner heading into next season.  The only disappointing pick from those three first rounders was their first one, DT Shariff Floyd.  Floyd struggled to make an impact, registering only 19 tackles and 2.5 sacks.  While some of that may be attributed to playing behind Kevin Williams, and getting in on a rotational basis only, his production had to be disheartening to the Vikings front office.  The Vikings missed on nearly every later round pick, with only punter Jeff Locke being a consistent contributor.  This grade could increase over time if Shariff Floyd blows up in year two under the tutelage of Mike Zimmer, and Xavier Rhodes can put together a full season.

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Author: Nik Edlund

Full blown draft fanatic bringing you updated mocks on a regular basis along with draft articles all from a corner on 4th Ave.

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  1. Bond was signed off of the Vikings practice squad by the Panthers.
    Dawkins was signed off of the Vikings practice squad by Dallas.
    Sharrif Floyd shared time at DT with 10 year all pro veteran Kevin Williams playing about 30% of the snaps. That is why his numbers were low.

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