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2015 Ultimate NFL Mock Draft


Version 4.0 | Updated January 7th, 2014

DraftSeason’s staff puts their heads together and go pick by pick constructing the 2015 Ultimate Mock Draft. Updated on a daily basis so check back monthly for all the movers and shakers.

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1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Lupagus) – Marcus Mariota QB, Oregon

Easy choice for the Bucs. They need to start over at the quarterback position and Mariota is a smart athletic kid who most importantly has pin point accuracy.

2. Tennessee Titans (Onebar) – Jameis Winston QB, Florida St.

Mettenberg looked OK, but I think the Titans will pounce on the chance to get a franchise quarterback at pick 2. Winston has his risks off the field but his talent might be too tough to pass on.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars (Lupagus) – Leonard Williams DT/DE, USC

The Jaguars have some pieces in place but could still benefit from a disrutpive player on their front line. Williams can line up inside or out, and can pressure QBs, collapse pockets, and stuff the run. He’s a triple threat

4. Oakland Raiders (Onebar) – Amari Cooper WR, Alabama

The Raiders could go in a handful of directions at pick four. Derek Carr appears to be the real deal and loading him up with weapons should be a top priority in Oakland.

5. Washington (Lupagus) – Randy Gregory DE/OLB, Nebraska

The Redskins are a mess and need quite a bit of help. Gregory is an elite pass rushing prospect who can come in and make an impact in year one. He’s got crazy burst off the ball and once he hits opposing QBs a few times, he’ll have all the hogs in Washington feeling Randy.

6. New York Jets (Onebar) – Ronnie Stanley OT, Notre Dame

If the Jets miss out on the top two quarterbacks look for them to upgrade the offensive line. New York struggled to keep the quarterback on his feet in 2014 and Stanley is the hot name at tackle.

7. Chicago Bears (Lupagus) – Landon Collins S, Alabama

The Bears defense is a mess. And if they choose not to grab a pass rusher here, then they should definitely take Collins. Landon is a phenomenal safety who can cover but really excels in attacking the line of scrimmage and blitzing. He will finally give the Bears a playmaker at the safety position.

8. Atlanta Falcons (Onebar) – Shane Ray LB, Missouri

The Falcons were at the bottom of the league in sacks and have lacked a pass rush for years. Getting a raw pass rushing beast like Ray would be a blessing and help get the Falcons pass rush and pass defense back on track.

9. New York Giants (Lupagus) – Maxx Williams TE, Minnesota

I know the Giants have more pressing needs; their defensive and offensive lines could use a boost. But boy, can you imagine an offense with both Beckham Jr. and Williams? I’m by no means a Giants fan, but that image really gets my juices flowing.

10. St. Louis Rams (Onebar) – Brandon Scherff G/OT, Iowa

The Rams still have a few holes on the offensive line. Jake Long’s future is in doubt and with Robinson moving to tackle he leaves a hole at guard. Scherff is a versatile lineman who could be plugged in at guard as a rookie.

11. Minnesota Vikings (Lupagus) – Devante Parker WR, Louisville

The Vikings were hoping for Scherff but got sniped by the Rams. With question marks speckling the remaining tackle prospects like acne on a tookus, they go a different route. Parker is a talented receiver with size and speed. Oh and he also used to play college ball with a certain QB named Teddy.

12. Cleveland Browns (Onebar) – Kevin White WR, West Virginia

With Josh Gordon likely done in Cleveland the Browns will be forced to take a receiver early in the 2015 NFL Draft. Look for them to get one of the top 3 (Cooper, Parker, White), if they can manage to nab one of those guys it will help ease the pain of the loss of Gordon.

13. New Orleans Saints (Lupagus) – Vic Beasley OLB, Clemson

The Saints defense could use a dynamic pass rusher. Beasley has proven to be just that during his time at Clemson. He should make an impact right away and can help this defense become one step closer to being just as dynamic as the offense.

14. Miami Dolphins (Onebar) – Melvin Gordon RB, Wisconsin

Miami has tried a few different running backs in the past few years. I think it’s time they finally nip it in the bud and take the best back in the entire 2015 Class. Gordon has great size and playmaking ability, he has the chance to take it to the house everytime he touches the ball.

15. San Francisco 49ers (Lupagus) – Trae Waynes CB, Michigan St.

This pick could come down a receive if one of the top 3 slide, a corner, or even a defensive tackle like Danny Shelton. Waynes gives them a top shelf corner prospect to pair with their young safety tandem and suddenly there is a lot of long term optimism surrounding the 9ers secondary.

16. Houston Texans (Onebar) – Ereck Flowers OT, Miami

Texans go with the best player available and add some needed help along the offensive line. The 6’6, 325 lb tackle has been one of the best in the nation and could be a future franchise left tackle in the NFL.

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  1. Why would green bay take a RB? One of the deepest backfield in the league, Thompson doesn’t usually take 1st round RBs and we failed to adress TE or ILB in 2014.

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    • Yeah … this pick is making my brain hurt … although it would give the Pack quite the pack of RB’s

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  2. Cedric Ogbuehi’s an Texas A&M Aggie not a Texas Longhorn

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  3. If the Texans managed to get a quarterback like Petty in 2015 … it would be well worth passing on a QB in 2014

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  4. You ignorant fuck.
    You don’t know shit about football.
    Let me spell it out for you:::
    Professional football teams are BILLION dollar companies. The quarterback is the top of the pyramid of your personnel. Not just as a leader and player, but also as the face of who your team/company represents.
    Jameis Winston will NEVER be picked before Mariota.
    Why? Aside from the rape allegation and the petty theft, have you ever heard that dumbass talk? He can barely put 5 words together that make sense.
    And he’s gonna be the face of a billion $ franchise?
    You’re a fucking idiot if you think he’s getting picked before Mariota.
    End of discussion.

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    • Fred … you don’t seem very friendly. Also on a side note, if you think Winston doesn’t go because of his off the field issues you must not have tuned into to the NFL in the past 25 years. Cheers!

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    • you’re a f****** idiot ……mariota well b trash in the NFL and you are the same Tebow is coming back to the NFL, Fxck Out of Here wit that…..

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    • Ur absolutely right Fred, this idiot didn’t even get the draft order right in the first place. Do some research before posting stupid shit

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  5. A! I gotta say this is very interesting and streams at the same time because half of theses guy aren’t first or second grade. And as to @Fred Your a Fxcking moron and should be banished from using the Internet ….. #Team49ers Bitchess

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  6. DaKufiSmaker,
    You type like Jameis Winston talks.

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  7. the Cardinals just signed a long-term LT for 6 years and have a decent backup, we don’t need a OT unless our RT (Sowell or Massie) goes down…

    ReMock: Todd Gurley (Todd Gurley + Andre Ellinton = one of the best run games in the history of football)

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  8. Dolphins will not draft an End. This is a terrible pick for them.

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  9. Bears will probably draft a safety or a Cornerback.

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    • I agree with you it is there 2 greatest needs.

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  10. I do NOT enjoy Collins from LSU before Iowa’s Scherff

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    • Collins is from Alabama Joikofffff.Chi. needs a cover corner, ot a blitzer. Thank you

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  11. Oakland needs a WR or OT. Thru FA DL pick up

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    • Hey morron, the game starts in the trenches and the raiders don’t even have the first pick after last week

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  12. I starting reading this stupid attempt of a mock draft and stopped when I saw the raiders w the first pick. If ur going to do a mock draft, get the order correct!!!! And ur an idiot to think Jameis before Mariota!!!!!

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  13. Are you actually stupid enough to think the Vikings will pass up on Amari Cooper? WR is such a bigger need than freaking safety, Patterson can’t even play receiver, Jennings is getting old and then its just a bunch of practice squad guys. Even if Cooper was taken before, they would still go with White or Parker or go tackle. Bridgewater needs weapons and protection before they go defense.

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  14. I agree with what the saints need. But i dont see Sean peyton letting Amari Cooper slip by no matter what. Saints love to pass.

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