Jarvis Jones NFL Draft Profile

Jarvis Jones, Defensive end/Outside linebacker, Georgia
6’3” 241 lb.

– Jarvis Jones is and will probably always be defined by the big plays he does or doesn’t make. When he shows up he could easily win you a game, but for every game he lights up the stat sheet there is a game he misses.
– JJ has a great frame that could easily add weight, but that isn’t mandatory.
-Speaking of which, Jones is a much better run defender than most people think based on his sack numbers and his weight. Better than Bjoern Werner.
– Jones has the athleticism that suggests he could play DE or OLB in a 4-3 scheme, but his most natural fit is 3-4 DE/OLB
– For a player with a ton of natural gifts he generally has above average effort from whistle-to-whistle
– Jones can disengage and get in the backfield for a TFL, but he also plays the backside run well. Plays down the line and also knows when he should cut up-field.
– Flashes a very dangerous spin, and if he develops it I think it could be his trademark.
– Obviously the black mark on his record is his Spinal Stenosis. If he doesn’t get cleared by a team’s doctors then he could be take out of the first two rounds for them. However, I would be SHOCKED if there isn’t a team that would take a flyer on him in the middle of round 1. Grade: Top-20 (top 10 if he is cleared medically)

Author: Will Lomas

Student at the U of Tennessee-Knoxville. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee named Dyersburg, and played football there. When I realized I was too small to play college ball, I found my passion in breaking down game film, analyzing athletes, and finding the little things that decides whether a player is good, bad, or great.

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