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Feb 18th 
Question: With Ed Reed and Percy Harvin about to become FA’s, do you think the Pats may be interested in either or both and let the aging(but still dynamic) Welker  go? - Tomas 

DraftSeason: First of all Harvin is not a free agent this year so the Pats would have to trade for him.  He’d be an excellent fit taking over the slot role from Welker, and Belichick would surely be creative and line him up everywhere.  The Patriots have shown they can handle receivers with attitude issues so that wouldn’t be a problem either.  They would have to give up picks to acquire him likely a second rounder plus something later.  As for Reed he’s already said he’d love playing for Belichick and the Patriots have signed aging stars in the past, in hopes of getting one more year out of them on a way to a title run.  So I’d say both are very real possibilities for the team. - Lupagus DS @lupagus


Jan 4th 
Question: Many experts have the Titans taking Chance Warmack from Alabama. There is a good chance he could be off the board when the Titans are on the clock. What is the next best case scenario for the Titans?? – Sal, Memphis – Tennessee

DraftSeason: Chance Warmack is a stud and I think he will be available at 10 because Oakland and Arizona are the only other teams that have major guard issues and they are in prime position to grab OTs which they both need and which has more positional value.

Having said that, the Titans could use a playmaker/sack artist at DE, but this need is actually overrated because of the coverage issues that TN has had in the secondary. In this case Damontre Moore (2nd on my big board) would be a steal at 10, and so would Bjoern Werner.

If the Titans can’t trade down and really want to improve their secondary they could reach for Kenny Vaccaro, or draft another corner (even though they have quality corners) like Dee Milliner.

Finally, the dark horse pick right now for me is Manti Te’o. Tennessee still could make some defensive changes and their personnel make a better 3-4 team than their current 4-3 team IMO. Also even if they stay in the 4-3 McCarthy has struggled to stay healthy and if the Titans fall in love with Te’o then they can’t be afraid to take him because they are believe that McCarthy is the future starter. Thanks for writing! – Will Lomas DS @jlomas72


Dec. 10th
Question: What do you think is the GB Packers biggest need?  - James – Ft. Belvoir

DraftSeason: I think right now the Packers biggest need is on their offensive line, the Seattle game was the eye-opener but the issue was overshadowed by the Tate-catch scandal. If the Packers feel that there are no quality OL on the board when they pick, they could also use some help on the back-end of their defense. Woodson has had a spectacular career in GB, but a lofty contract, injury, and age will make him a prime suspect when the Packers are figuring out how to create cap room. A safety like Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Reid, or Matt Elam could find a place on the Packers roster. Finally, backup QB is a luxury pick, but if Matt Barkley is there in rd 1 (or Tyler Bray in rd 2) the Packers could pull the trigger on that level of player. If A-rod goes down the Packers current contingency play looks mediocre at best and a SB-level team needs a capable backup QB. - Will Lomas DS @jlomas72


Nov 11th
Question: Geno Smith has seemed to jump to the top of the list for best available quarterback. Where would he have gone in last years draft? - Sneaky Carl, North Carolina

DraftSeason: That is a tough one. No possible way he would leapfrog either Luck or RGIII. That said, I think he would of landed between Tannehill at 8 and Weeden at 22. I think it would have been real tough for him to get past the Bills and Chiefs. Funny thing is, those 2 teams will be in play to get him this year. – Matt Falk DS @matt_falk


October 17th
Question: Any possibility the Rams don’t take an offensive lineman in round 1 of the 2013 draft? -  Dexter, St. Louis

DraftSeason: Dexter, the fact they have 2 picks in the first round I would be amazed if they passed on an offensive lineman. Both picks have a real good chance of being in the top 15. They could have a legitimate shot at top tackle Luke Joekel and or top guard Chance Warmack. Depending who is available don’t count them out on double dipping on the offensive line in round 1.  - Matt Falk DS @matt_falk


October 9th
Question: Do you think Jarvis Jones has the ability to be the next Von Miller/Aldon Smith in the NFL? - Jason G, Georgia

DraftSeason: Jason, quick answer, Yes. Jones has proven to be an elite pass rushing linebacker. I think he will have a very similar impact on the NFL as Miller/Smith. It will be tough to live up to the sack totals they put up as rookies, but I think he is in the same class and is a lock to be a top 10 pick.  - Matt Falk DS @matt_falk

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