Lomas 2013 NFL Mock Draft (Picks 12-22)

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12. Miami – Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
Lane is a QB turned TE, turned OT and as such he has amazing potential as a future left tackle. Johnson has great feet, long arms, and a mean streak befitting a nose tackle and all of these make him the perfect replacement or companion to current free agent Jake Long.

13. Tampa Bay – Star Lotulelei DT Utah
Tampa Bay stops Star’s Brady Quinn-like slide through the draft for two reasons. Firstly is he and Gerald McCoy are in the middle of a defense, which one would you double team? Before you answer that, go find some film of teams trying to double Star in college…not pretty. Secondly if McCoy gets injured again, Star is a nice player to have in the middle of your defense to make the second string guy look better.

14. Carolina – Shariff Floyd DT Florida
Floyd is a penetrating DT that was miscast as a defensive end for a large part of his career, but he finally found a home this year as a 4-3 DT in Florida’s front. Combining strength and speed, Floyd is a versatile tackle that can play every down and fix the Panthers’ atrocious defensive tackle situation.

15. New Orleans – Kenny Vaccaro S Texas
Kenny Vaccaro is the closest thing to Eric Berry that the draft has seen in so many years, but even he isn’t quite on that level. New Orleans has some of the worst DBs in the league and Rob Ryan’s scheme is predicated on being able to cover the back-end. Ryan will force pressure, so he needs people like Vaccaro to help pick up the slack in coverage.

16. St. Louis – Ziggy Ansah DE/DT BYU
Jeff Fisher has always liked hybrid defenders and Ziggy has the raw strength and quickness to play inside on rush downs and outside on a regular basis. Fisher also loves to rotate defensive linemen and move his pieces around to create matchup issues, this is another reason Ziggy makes perfect sense

17. Pittsburgh – Damontre Moore DE/OLB Texas A&M
Moore is a very good pass rusher who has a motor that runs just as hot in the run game as it does in the pass game which is rare in this pass rushing period of football. This effort combined with natural talent makes him a high upside prospect for the Steelers here.

18. Dallas – Dion Jordan DE/OLB
Jordan is the perfect fit for a Dallas team that is shifting gears defensively. Jordan has the versatility to play any position on the field and he can start by playing 4-3 DE, but he isn’t limited to that slot. If the Cowboys still want to show some 3-4 looks or even a 5-3 look then Jordan would shine opposite Ware.

19. New York Giants – Arthur Brown LB Kansas State
Brown is the best non-rush backer in this draft and has the ability to start at MLB or WLB and immediately impact a defense. I could even see him being a DROY candidate.

20. Chicago – D.J. Fluker OT Alabama
The Alabama product is a gritty run blocker that dominates opponents in the SEC. Talent like that transitions well from college to the pro level, so whether he plays RT or inside I expect Fluker to be a devastating bulldozer at the next level that opposing DL shy away from.

21. Cincinnati – Justin Hunter WR Tennessee
An A.J. Green clone with knee and drop issues, a team like the Bengals can take a chance on a potentially dominant player with the picks they have. As a lean WR with stretch-the-field ability Hunter and A.J. will wear out opposing defensive backs.

22. St. Louis (via Washington) – Keenan Allen WR Cal
Allen’s stock has taken a hit due to a late season ACL injury, but at the end of the day the numbers he put up (despite having such a bad QB) are outstanding. Allen is a versatile WR that fights for extra yards and who can only get better by making the transition to an NFL quarterback like Sam Bradford.


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