We always like to check in on one of our favorite Minnesota Viking all-time greats, Keith Millard, to see what he is up to and what he his thinking of the current state of our favorite team.

Millard resume includes 2x First Team All-Pro, 2x Pro Bowler, 1989 Defensive Player of the Year ….. Oh and not to mention he played in 93 games during his career, making a total of 58 sacks. But we all know how great he was, lets see what he has been up to.

Outhouse: If you could take one player on the current Vikings roster and plug it into one that you played on late 80’s/early 90’s who would it be?
Keith Millard: Dalvin Cook

Outhouse: Kirk Cousins is going into the final year of his big contract. He’s had some games where he looks like Joe Montana, he’s had some where he looked like Heath Shuler. If you were making the decisions for the franchise, would you be more inclined to play out the final year of his contract next season or try to restructure/extend him after this year?
Keith Millard: Play it out for sure!

Outhouse: Who was a teammate of yours that was all business all of the time? Other side of that question, who was one that was always having a good time/messing with other players?
Keith Millard: We were all business all the time when it came to Vikings football when I was there. We definitely had fun, but you wouldn’t want to face us on game day

Outhouse: Is there any one college player that will be headed to the NFL next season that has really caught your eye and are looking forward to watching at the next level?
Keith Millard: Chase Young from Ohio State

Outhouse: I’ve always said a good football team starts with the offensive & defensive lines. If you had the first pick in the draft, and there was a can’t miss Left Tackle, can’t miss Defensive Tackle, or a “your guess is as good as mine” quarterback who is projected to be the first off the board at his position, who are you taking (assuming you need all three positions)?
Keith Millard: Absolutely a blue chip-bad ass, set the tone Offensive Lineman!

Outhouse: Do you make the time to keep in touch/meet up with old teammates? And who do you keep in touch with the most?
Keith Millard: Hank (Henry Thomas), but we all try to get together twice a year.

Outhouse: Just going to drop some more names on you like last time. Give us one word/give us 25 words that best describe the following Vikings.

Outhouse: Al Noga
Keith Millard: Great teammate, unbelievable athleticism for his bulky body, unrealized talent.

Outhouse: Danielle Hunter
Keith Millard: Still, untapped potential. Sky is the limit. Stay on your mission, no matter how good they say you are. Keep climbing.

Outhouse: Randall McDaniel
Keith Millard: Great guy, hated going against him in practice. Top 4 or 5 that ever played.

Outhouse: Carl Lee
Keith Millard: Heart! One of the best cover corners of his time. Shut down Jerry Rice in the playoffs , never seen anybody do that to Jerry in my time.

Outhouse: Tim Irwin
Keith Millard: Scrapper! We used to go at it a lot. Good teammate, made our O-Line Tough.

Outhouse: Bud Grant
Keith Millard: LEGEND! Stud athlete in his day, all business. I was very fortunate to have played for him. Very proud of that.