We will be doing a series leading up to the NFL Draft where we take a look at each and every damn position on the football field and give our opinion on whether the Vikings will have that position on their radar come draft weekend and if so …. who could be their guy.

What better place to start than the ever so criticized quarterback position. Current Vikings starting quarterback Kirk Cousins has 1 year left on his contract and there is no doubting the fact that he is the guy for 2020. But what about beyond that? Will they extend him? Will they see what he does in 2020 before making a decision? Plenty of questions.

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Why the Vikings WILL draft a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft

The easy answer is that Kirk Cousins only has 1 year left on his contract, and behind him right now is only undrafted free agent Jake Browning. Throughout the years the Vikings have never really been a team that drafts a guy to groom to be their next guy. Yes they made big (attempted) splashes with 1st rounders Ponder and Bridgewater, but those were looked at as more day 1 starting type picks.

I’m talking about a guy you take in rounds 2-5 who you draft to season on the bench for a year or 2 before even thinking about starting him. A guy that has zero expectations but to learn the game holding a clipboard in his young career. So regardless if the Vikings extend Cousins (which I sure the hell think they will), investing a pick on a quarterback in 2020 which has decent amount of depth would be a VERY wise move for the Vikings. What is the worst that could happen? You have a possible back-up quarterback on the roster, and you can stop bringing in 1 year rental guys like Trevor Siemian and Sean Mannion.

Why the Vikings WON’T draft a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft


Because they have so many other pressing needs that need to be addressed. They will be looking to use multiple selections in the secondary, offensive line, and even possibly defensive line. Trying to jam something in for the future on a team that is in win now mode, might not be in the cards in the front office. Another reason is if they extend Cousins to a contract that keeps in him purple for the next 4+ years. If that is the case, maybe they stay the course and bring in a guy like David Fales or Blaine Gabbert (gross).

Top quarterback prospects that the Vikings have no shot at

Joe Burrow (LSU) – Projected to be first overall pick
Justin Herbert (Oregon) – Projected to be 10 top pick
Tua Tagovailoa (Alabama) – Projected to be 10 top pick

Quarterbacks the Vikings could show interest in by round

Below i’m gonna give 1 option per round the Vikings could have their eyes on for the quarterback position come 2020 NFL Draft. Sure there are many other guys per round, but i’m just going with my gut on a prospect the Vikings could actually have their peepers on.

Round 1

Jordan Love (Utah St.) – Love would probably be the only round 1 quarterback they would have a shot at. Most likely Love is already off the board, but the intriguing part about Love is, IF he is still on the board at pick 25, it would be some serious value and could be too tough to pass on. Love is a gifted athlete who can do it all, little rough around the edges, but easily the most intriguing quarterback in the class.

Round 2

Jake Fromm (Georgia) – I really like Fromm, he is a smart quarterback that might get tossed into the game manager category, but I think he is a bit more than that. He can make tough throws and is a proven winner. Only problem with this, is his stock is rising more and more each week, round 2 might be out of the question. But he is my favorite option.

Round 3

Jalen Hurts (Oklahoma) – Hurts is a born winner, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. He gives off the aura that nothing and nobody can get in his head. His ability to extend plays and turn nothing into something is a gift, he is OK as a passer, but has shown to get better each year. Hurts needs to go into a situation where he can hang out on the bench for a few years, he has the ability to be a starter in the NFL.

Round 4

James Morgan (Florida International) – Morgan is a big strong armed quarterback who throws a pretty deep ball. He won’t wow you with his athletic ability, but as he showed in the East/West Shrine game, as long as he makes throws he won’t have to. Round 4 might be a TAD early for Morgan, but reaching a round early for a quarterback isn’t overly silly talk. Side note ….. Vikings met with him at the East West Shrine Game.

Round 5

No pick …… courtesy of Kaare Vedvik.

Round 6

Nate Stanley (Iowa) – Stanley is another guy that could turn into a decent back-up quarterback in the NFL. He has monster size (6’4, 243 lbs) and a big ole arm to go with it. Accuracy issues and lack of mobility are a few of his biggest downsides, but is a smart player with great technique, so plenty to work with when it comes to Stanley.

Round 7

Kelly Bryant (Missouri) – Bryant has the size and toughness to play quarterback in the NFL. But he is pretty rough around the edges (hence the 7th round). Bryant would absolutely be a project at the next level. But he does have some things you just can’t teach, and is absolutely worth a team like the Vikings taking a flier on in the later rounds in hopes of molding him into something.

Last 5 quarterbacks drafted by the Minnesota Vikings

2014: Teddy Bridgewater (Round 1)
2011: Christian Ponder (Round 1)
2010: Joe Webb (Round 6)
2008: John David Booty (Round 5)
2007: Tyler Thigpen (Round 7)

Chances the Vikings select a quarterback in the 2020 NFL Draft? 


I think this all comes down to value. I don’t think the Vikings will go into the draft thinking they HAVE to take a quarterback. That said, if there is someone regardless of round that has no right being on the board. Will be tough to pass on.