Draftseason’s Draft Grade A Day is back! This is where we look at each team’s 2019 Draft class and grade it based on PRODUCTION ONLY! Points will be awarded per round and the scale is determined on the expectation of the round the pick was made. Fractional points are given out as well as bonus points for any player who outplayed their Draft ranking. We will add up the total points to determine the final grade. We started with the Arizona Cardinals who had the first pick in 2019 and will work our way up.

Grading Scale: (total possible per round)
Round 1 – 5 points
Round 2 – 4 points
Round 3 – 3 points
Round 4 – 2 points
Round 5 – 1 point
Round 6 & 7 – 0 points


Round 1
Pick: WR Marqise Brown, Oklahoma
Score: 4.25/5
Analysis: Brown was an explosive addition to the Ravens offense. He hauled in 46 balls for 584 yards and 7 touchdowns. That’s good production from their first choice.

Round 3
Pick: OLB Jaylon Ferguson, Louisiana Tech
Score: 2.75/3
Analysis: Ferguson played well as a rookie with 31 tackles and 2.5 sacks.

Round 3
Pick: WR Miles Boykin, Notre Dame
Score: 2/3
Analysis: Boykin was hit or miss his rookie year. He had just 13 catches for 198 yards but did find the end zone three times.

Round 4
Pick: RB Justice Hill, Oklahoma State
Score: 2/2
Analysis: Hill ran for 225 yards with two touchdowns. He also caught 8 passes for 70 yards. Not too shabby.

Round 4
Pick: G Ben Powers, Oklahoma
Score: 0/2
Analysis: Powers appeared in just one game as a rookie.

Round 4
Pick: CB Iman Marshall, USC
Score: 0/2
Analysis: Marshall had just one measly tackle as a rook.

Round 5
Pick: DT Daylon Mack, Texas A&M
Score: 0/1
Analysis: Mack was placed on IR after week 10.

Round 6
Pick: QB Trace McSorley Penn State
Score: 0/0
Analysis: McSorely got in one game and had a rushing yard. That’s a fun fact but that’s about it.

Final Grade: 11/18 61% D-

The Ravens actually started their 2019 Draft off with a bang. They got production out of their first four choices, but then it all just stopped. They got nothing out of 4th round picks Ben Powers and Iman Marshall. Those two misses are what really sent this grade plummeting. The fact Daylon Mack, who was picked a round later, failed to produce as well didn’t help either. So enough of the bad, let’s take a look at the good in this class. Marqise Brown proved to be an explosive weapon for this Ravens offense. He’s a big play waiting to happen and throughout his rookie season gained the trust of QB Lamar Jackson. They will be a formidable duo for years to come. The Ravens didn’t have a second-round pick but made the most out of both of their third-round choices. Linebacker Jaylon Ferguson showed plenty of promise as an edge rusher with 2.5 sacks and over 30 tackles. Miles Boykin also had a decent year as he scored three times. The Ravens will hope he can make a big jump in year two. This grade should go up in the next couple of seasons assuming Ben Powers and Iman Marshall can start producing. Jaylon Ferguson and Miles Boykin also will need to up their production but that seems more likely to happen than to not.