Draftseason’s Draft Grade A Day is back! This is where we look at each team’s 2019 Draft class and grade it based on PRODUCTION ONLY! Points will be awarded per round and the scale is determined on the expectation of the round the pick was made. Fractional points are given out as well as bonus points for any player who outplayed their Draft ranking. We will add up the total points to determine the final grade. We started with the Arizona Cardinals who had the first pick in 2019 and will work our way up.

Grading Scale: (total possible per round)
Round 1 – 5 points
Round 2 – 4 points
Round 3 – 3 points
Round 4 – 2 points
Round 5 – 1 point
Round 6 & 7 – 0 points


Round 2
Pick: CB Rock Ya-Sin, Temple
Score: 4/4
Analysis: Ya-Sin rocked his rookie year with 62 tackles, an interception and 13 starts.

Round 2
Pick: DE Ben Banogu TCU
Score: 2.75/4
Analysis: Banogu had 11 tackles, 2.5 sacks, and a forced fumble playing a situational role as a rookie.

Round 2
Pick: WR Parris Campbell, Ohio St.
Score: 1.75/4
Analysis: Campbell’s rookie season was fairly quiet with 18 receptions, 127 yards, and one lonely touchdown.

Round 3
Pick: LB Bobby Okereke, Stanford
Score: 3/3
Analysis: Bobby O. proved to be worth a third-round pick as he racked up 65 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 forced fumbles on the season.

Round 4
Pick: S Khari Willis, Michigan State
Score: 2/2
Analysis: Willis started 9 games and had 71 tackles. The Colts knew what they were talkin’ about when they drafted him.

Round 5
Pick: S Marvell Tell, USC
Score: 1/1
Analysis: Tell had 26 tackles and a forced fumble and even got to start a game as a rookie.

Round 5
Pick: LB EJ Speed, Tarleton State
Score: 0.25/1
Analysis: Speed appeared in 12 games and had 7 tackles on the season. He’ll get a little bit of love for that.

Round 6
Pick: LB Gerri Green, Mississippi State
Score: 0/0
Analysis: Green got a red light when it came to playing in 2019.

Round 7
Pick: OT Jackson Barton, Utah
Score: 0/0
Analysis: The Colts cut Barton who ended up with the Super Bowl champs. Not a bad ending for Jackson.

Round 7
Pick: C Javon Patterson, Ole Miss
Score: 0/0
Analysis: Patterson missed his rookie season.

Final Grade: 14.75/19 78%

The Colts landed themselves an unsexy but overall productive 2019 Draft. It was lead by their first pick CB Rock Ya-Sin. Ya-Sin quickly worked his way into the starting lineup and played well, for the most part, racking up 62 tackles and an interception. The Colts had two more second-rounders because they moved down in the first round. DE Ben Banogu and WR Parris Campbell had a few moments but failed to make the impact Ya-Sin did in year one. The Colts did nail their mid-round picks though. Third round linebacker Bobby Okereke and fourth-round safety Khari Willis both produced nicely. Okereke had 65 tackles and Wilis upped him by racking up 71 himself. They should only be better in year two.  Their late-round picks don’t hold a lot of promise but they did get some production out of fifth rounders Marvel Tell and EJ Speed. Overall, this class may never be looked at as a great one, but it should be seen as a very good one, and the production should increase quite a bit in year two.