Draftseason’s Draft Grade A Day is back! This is where we look at each team’s 2019 Draft class and grade it based on PRODUCTION ONLY! Points will be awarded per round and the scale is determined on the expectation of the round the pick was made. Fractional points are given out as well as bonus points for any player who outplayed their Draft ranking. We will add up the total points to determine the final grade. We started with the Arizona Cardinals who had the first pick in 2019 and will work our way up.

Grading Scale: (total possible per round)
Round 1 – 5 points
Round 2 – 4 points
Round 3 – 3 points
Round 4 – 2 points
Round 5 – 1 point
Round 6 & 7 – 0 points


Round 2
Pick: S Taylor Rapp, Washington
Score: 5/4
Analysis: The Rams had to wait until almost the end of Round 2 before they got to pick. They still managed to find a 10 game starter who racked up 100 tackles and 2 interceptions.

Round 3
Pick: RB Darrell Henderson, Memphis
Score: 1/3
Analysis: Henderson’s impact was minimal as he ran for just 147 yards despite being active for 13 games.

Round 3
Pick: DB David Long, Michigan
Score: 1/3
Analysis: Long was active for 8 games and had 10 tackles on the season.

Round 3
Pick: OT Bobby Evans, Oklahoma
Score: 3/3
Analysis: Evans started 7 games for the Rams. That’s about what you hope for from a third-rounder.

Round 4
Pick: DT Greg Gaines, Washington
Score: 1.25/2
Analysis: Gaines had 13 tackles on the season in 10 appearances. He also posted half a sack.

Round 5
Pick: OT David Edwards, Wisconsin
Score: 1.5/1
Analysis: The Rams moved Edwards inside to guard and he ended up starting 10 games. That’s damn good production from a fifth-round pick.

Round 7
Pick: S Nick Scott, Penn State
Score: 0.25/0
Analysis: Scott was active in all 16 games and had 8 tackles on the season. He gets a little love for that.

Round 7
Pick: LB Dakota Allen, Texas Tech
Score: 0/0
Analysis: Allen was cut by the Rams and is now a Jaguar.

Final Grade: 13/16   81% B-

Despite not having a first-round pick, the Rams were able to still have a very productive 2019 rookie class. Their first pick didn’t come until the ass-end of the second round but they were able to still get a quality safety in Taylor Rapp. He impressed with 10 starts and 100 tackles on the season. With Eric Weddle retiring, he’ll be a starter for sure in 2020. They also found offensive line help in this class. Third round offensive tackle Bobby Evans started 7 games and former Wisconsin Badger tackle David Edwards started 10 at guard. If those guys keep their jobs in 2020, this grade will hold steady and potentially climb upwards. There is talk the Rams could move on from Todd Gurley this offseason and that could lead to more opportunities for third-round running back Darrell Henderson who was very underwhelming his debut season. Overall, this was a solid class by the Rams who weren’t punished too heavily for not having that first-round choice.