Draftseason’s Draft Grade A Day is back! This is where we look at each team’s 2019 Draft class and grade it based on PRODUCTION ONLY! Points will be awarded per round and the scale is determined on the expectation of the round the pick was made. Fractional points are given out as well as bonus points for any player who outplayed their Draft ranking. We will add up the total points to determine the final grade. We started with the Arizona Cardinals who had the first pick in 2019 and will work our way up.

Grading Scale: (total possible per round)
Round 1 – 5 points
Round 2 – 4 points
Round 3 – 3 points
Round 4 – 2 points
Round 5 – 1 point
Round 6 & 7 – 0 points


Round 1
Pick: DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson
Score: 4/5
Analysis: Wilkins was a 14 game starter who had 56 tackles, and 2 sacks. The Phins were probably hoping for a little more production but have to be excited about his future.

Round 3
Pick: G, Michael Deiter, Wisconsin
Score: 3.5/3
Analysis: This third-rounder started 15 games. That’s an impressive stat for a Day 2 rookie offensive lineman.

Round 5
Pick: OLB Andrew Van Ginkel, Wisconsin
Score: 0.75/1
Analysis: Van Ginkel played in 6 games and had 15 tackles and 1 sack. Not too shabby.

Round 6
Pick: OT Isaiah Prince, Ohio St.
Score: 0/0
Analysis: Isaiah Prince started two games as a rookie….for the Bengals. Perhaps the Dolphins bailed on this guy too quickly. As Dave Hause once sang, only time will tell.

Round 7
Pick: FB Chandler Cox, Auburn
Score: 0.25/0
Analysis: This Cox was active with 3 starts in 13 games. That’s above-average production for a seventh-round choice.

Round 7
Pick: RB Myles Gaskin, Washington
Score: 0.25/0
Analysis: Gaskin was active 7 games and trotted for 133 yards and one touchdown. He also caught 7 balls for 51 yards. For a seventh-round investment, that is a pretty good return.

Final Grade: 8.75/9
97% A

The Phins get high marks for the production of their 2019 NFL draft class. Part of the high mark was that they only had three picks that were graded on a scale, so the final number is a little misleading. It can’t be argued however that they hit on their first couple of choices. First-round pick Christian Wilkins was as advertised. He had 56 tackles and 2 sacks as a rookie. The Dolphins probably would’ve liked to see those sack numbers be a little bit higher but should be happy with their decision to take the big man with the 13th choice. They got a steal in Round 3. Guard Michael Deiter ended up starting 15 games for the Dolphins. He played quite well and will head into 2020 as the starter. The Dolphins also got some late-round production out of Linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel, running back Myles Gaskin, and fullback Chandler Cox. The Dolphins were not a good football team in 2019, but their Draft class was not a reason why. This grade should hold steady over time, as long as Wilkins and Deiter remain starters.