Draftseason’s Draft Grade A Day is back! This is where we look at each team’s 2019 Draft class and grade it based on PRODUCTION ONLY! Points will be awarded per round and the scale is determined on the expectation of the round the pick was made. Fractional points are given out as well as bonus points for any player who outplayed their Draft ranking. We will add up the total points to determine the final grade. We will start with the Arizona Cardinals who had the first pick in 2019 and work our way up.

Grading Scale: (total possible per round)
Round 1 – 5 points
Round 2 – 4 points
Round 3 – 3 points
Round 4 – 2 points
Round 5 – 1 point
Round 6 & 7 – 0 points

San Francisco 49ers

Round 1
Pick: DE Nick Bosa, Ohio St.
Score: 6/5
Analysis: Bosa lived up to the hype and then some. He totaled 47 tackles and a very impressive 9 sacks as a rookie. He also forced a fumble, had an interception and was providing constant pressure on the quarterbacks he faced.

Round 2
Pick: WR Deebo Samuel, South Carolina
Score: 4.5/4
Analysis: Samuel was a great value for the 49ers in the early second round. He had 57 receptions for 802 yards with three touchdowns. He also proved to be a weapon on the ground as he rushed for 159 yards with an additional three scores. He is a true playmaker for this 49ers offense.

Round 3
Pick: WR Jalen Hurd, Baylor
Score: 0/3
Analysis: Hurd was hurt in the preseason and missed his rookie year.

Round 4
Pick: P Mitch Wishnowsky, Utah
Score: 2/2
Analysis: The 9ers landed their punter of the future in the 4th round. He didn’t disappoint with 52 punts and an average of 44.9 on those.

Round 5
Pick: LB Dre Greenlaw, Arkansas
Score: 2.5/1
Analysis: Greenlaw was a huge steal for the 49ers. He had 92 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception in 11 starts.

Round 6
Pick: TE Kaden Smith, Stanford
Score: 0/0
Analysis: Smith ended up having a nice rookie season. He had 31 catches, 268 yards and 3 touchdowns. It was too bad it was for the Giants, as the 49ers cut him.

Round 6
Pick: OT Justin Skule, Vanderbilt
Score: 1/0
Analysis: The 49ers again nail a late-round pick. Skule ended up starting 8 games for the 49ers, giving them plenty of bang for their 6th round buck.

Round 6
Pick: CB Tim Harris, Virginia
Score: 0/0
Analysis: Harris was placed on I.R. and missed the season.

Final Grade: 16/15  107% A+

The 49ers crushed the 2019 NFL Draft. The production they got out of this class was a huge reason why the ended up with the no. 1 seed in the NFC. They got playmakers on both sides of the ball. Nick Bosa looks to be the next great NFL pass rusher as he plays on a level that few can match. Deebo Samuel proved to be a huge and versatile weapon on offense. He showed great hands, ran nice routes, and even was productive out of the backfield. They got their long term answer at punter with Mitch Wishnowsky and found a steal at linebacker in the fifth round with linebacker Dre Greenlaw. They got another late-round steal with OT Justin Skule. The only miss was they bailed on tight end Kaden Smith a little too early. This class will get even better with Jalen Hurd coming back healthy in 2020. A great job by general manager John Lynch, his choices turned this team into an NFL powerhouse.