Jordan Love | Quarterback | Utah St. | 6'4, 225 lbs

Jordan Love | Quarterback | Utah St. | 6'4, 225 lbs

Quick Hit: Jordan Love burst onto the scene in 2018 leading Utah St. to an 11-2 record while racking up 32 TDs, 6 INTs and 3,500+ yards in the air (also 7 TDs on the ground). He very well could have been a 1st round selection if he would have came out last year. While his 2019 season wasn’t as put together as last year, he still showed off enough skills to be in the conversation as a top tier quarterback. 

Love has all the physical tools NFL GMs dream about, he has the size, arm, and accuracy that would make him a surefire top 10 pick. Where he lacks is in his decision making. One minute he’ll wow you with a perfectly placed ball 50 yards down the field, the next he’ll eye down his receiver and throw a pick into double coverage. That said, the risk will be well worth it, he has the talent to be able to lead an NFL team, if he goes into the right situation. If he can come in and sit behind a vet and learn the NFL and work on his game he could be a franchise quarterback. 

One thing is clear, the gunslinger loves football, puts in the time and shows that he wants to continue to improve. As a three year starter he has plenty of experience under his belt. Love will be a guy that watches his stock continue to rise as NFL Combine and individual workouts roll around. 


  • Great size
  • Throws a lovely deep ball
  • Very high ceiling 
  • Cannon for an arm
  • Continues to improve his game and willing to learn
  • Mobile in the pocket


  • Needs to make better decisions
  • Keys in on receivers
  • Will need to season for a bit on the sidelines
  • Relies to much on his big arm