With the Senior Bowl on the horizon and the NFL Combine after that, it is fair to say that the NFL DraftSeason is officially in full swing. With all but 2 draft spots wrapped up, Lupagus takes his latest stab at how the 2020 NFL Draft will shake out. As expected with top heavy draft of offensive playmakers, there is no shortage of quarterbacks, running backs and big men who see their named called on round 1. Check out the full mock here.

13. Indianapolis Colts – Henry Ruggs III WR, Alabama

The Colts need to decide if Jacoby Brissett is their man or not. If they do go wtih him, getting him help to succeed would be wise.

14. Tampa Bay Bucs – AJ Epenesa DE, Iowa

The Bucs have to quit giving up 40 points a game. Epenesa can get after quarterbacks, and cause them to throw the ball prematurely.